Policy and Guidelines Session

Policy and Guidelines Session

We are happy to present you a new session which was added to the scientific program this year:

Global Policy Updates on HPV Vaccination, Cervical Cancer Screening, and the Possibility of Screening for Anal Cancer among People with HIV

Friday, April 21, 2023 from 14:15-15:45 EDT | Ballroom C

This special new session brings the policy makers and policy users together to present updates to stakeholders. Policy is the culmination of all the work we do. It translates evidence into action.

Background: Ongoing changes in polices related to prevention of HPV-driven cancers aim to maximize access and effectiveness of these interventions. In the past few years, notable changes have been made to both HPV vaccination and cervical cancer screening policies at the global level. Recent data have also documented the efficacy of anal cancer screening in reducing the incidence of anal cancer in people living with HIV.  This session broadly aims to update participants on the rationale, implementation and barriers to the new global policies.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the data that led to the updated WHO recommendations regarding HPV vaccination and cervical screening, and the details about the recommendations
  • Review uptake of the recommendations, particularly from low- and low-middle income countries, which bear the greatest burden of cervical cancer
  • Discuss successes and barriers to implementation of the new recommendations and learn from country-specific examples
  • Discuss integration opportunities for primary and secondary prevention, in order to offer all girls and women an opportunity for cervical cancer prevention.
  • Understand the next steps in anal cancer screening policy

Session Agenda: 

Moderators: Paul Bloem, Maribel Almonte, Aimee R Kreimer

Talk 1: Summary of 2022 WHO updated HPV vaccine recommendation, key contributing data, countries that committed to use of the new recommendation (written policy guideline changes) – Paul Bloem, WHO

Talk 2: Uptake of single-dose HPV vaccine recommendations in GAVI-eligible countries – Scott LaMontagne, GAVI

Talk 3: Summary of 2021/2022 WHO updated HPV screening recommendation and key data motivating the recommendation (modeling work harm/benefit recommendation) – Maribel Almonte, WHO

Talk 4: Country-specific example: Kenya’s efforts to implement cervical screening and treatment following the WHO guidelines – Valerian Mwenda, MoH

Talk 5: Anal cancer screening in PLWH – converting evidence to policy – Mona Saraiya, CDC

Open forum and discussion

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