Past Virtual Participation Statistics

Toronto - IPVC 2021 - went Virtual

IPVC 2021 – 34rd International Papillomavirus Conference & Basic Science, Clinical and Public Health Workshops took place between 15-19 November and for the second time was held as an entirely virtual event.

Overall, the balance between the combination of pre-recorded presentations and live sessions, virtual exhibition and a compact interactive online Virtual Platform allowed a successful dissemination of science and interaction between delegates online at the IPVC21 Virtual Conference.

The IPVC 2021 virtual platform was available from the first day of the Conference, and 3 months after.

Virtual Conference Statistics

The meeting was a great success, close to 1,300 attendees from 90 countries, with over took part in this highly informative meeting.

Virtual Registrations

Countries Represented

Total Number of Unique Logins

Total Number of User Logins

Top 10 Countries (%)

  • CANADA  7%
  • SPAIN  4%
  • GERMANY 5,5 %
  • FRANCE 3%
  • BRAZIL 3%
  • RUSSIA 2%

World Regions (%)

North America

Central & South America


Africa & Middle East

Asia & Pacific

Professional Interest by Field (%)

  • Public Health and Preventive Medicine 28%

  • Infectious Disease 11%

  • Molecular Biology 11%

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology 10%

  • Gynecological Oncology 9%

  • Microbiology 6%

  • Pathology 4%

  • Oncology 4%

  • Allergy and Immunology 1%

  • Pediatrics 1%

  • Other 15%

Delegates by Age Group (%)

Delegates by Professional Role (%)

Clinician Researcher

Basic Science Researcher


Clinical Practitioner

Resident/Research Fellow

Industry/Corporate Professional

Nurse/Healthcare Practitioner


Delegates by Workplace (%)


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