IPVC 2023 HPV Awareness & Advocacy Dialogue

IPVC 2023 HPV Awareness & Advocacy Dialogue

An interactive panel discussion about the role of public awareness and communication campaigns as part of the strategy to eliminate HPV and related disease. Come with your coffee and questions!

Session 1

Tuesday, April 18th, 16.00-16:30 EDT (​GMT-4)

Advancing equity through advocacy and awareness – leveraging public campaigns to address barriers to access for underserved communities.

How can we work together as a community to close HPV vaccination and screening access gaps between communities and countries? 

Moderator Ilya Olkov, Director, Social Programs Development Foundation

Panel members

Dr Mwansa Ketty Lubeya, Co-founder & CEO, YES Zambia

Charlotte Moser, Co-Director, Vaccine Education Center,Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania

Prof Ying Ling Woo, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya


Session 2

Thursday, April 20th, 10:00-10:30 EDT (​GMT-4)

From HPV awareness to impact – strategies to drive action on HPV and cancer prevention

Low public awareness and stigma around HPV as a cancer-causing agent has been recognized by IPVS as a major barrier to action at individual, community and policy level. This session will explore how can we improve public awareness and address stigma to drive action on HPV and cancer prevention.

Moderator Joel Palefsky, Professor of Medicine, UCSF

Panel members

Ricardo Burdier, Scientific Communication Manager, University of Antwerp/ HPV Prevention and Control Board

Lillian Kreppel, Co-founder, HPV Cancers Alliance

Teresa Norris, Founder & President, HPV Global Action

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